Part 12 – Almost

Things ended as quickly as they began. Literally 3 weeks. That’s all it took. To be nothing, almost something and back to nothing. 

An immediate connection, fueled by mutual passion. Maybe it was lust, but perhaps, love at first sight. Whatever it was…. it was perfect while it lasted. 

3 weeks of a whirlwind storm. He was a walking Katy Perry song, even though he hates that reference. Hot and cold, in and out. A beautiful paradox. Never quite sure what he wanted, but at the least, he knew every time we talked, that there was something. We both knew. Although inexplicable, I will try my best to illustrate. 
If I may be so bold as to say it was a movie. We hit it off instantly, we understood each other, we laughed, we joked, and we were instantly connected in a way that we both felt comfortable from the first time we hung out. And I cant quite find the words to explain the feeling. A feeling we both felt and talked about but couldnt figure out what it was. It just felt right. 

I’m not sure what my beliefs are, whether spiritual or religious, but I do believe in something. Whether its fate, destiny, the stars, a God or Angel’s…. something brought us together and something was there…. a spark, a fire, chemistry, whatever you want to call it. It was undeniable. People that didn’t even know we talked saw something by the way we looked at each other. I’m going to get cheesy here for a minute, but when our eyes met, I swear my soul was dancing.

But we work together. We also work with his ex girlfriend. Hence the dwindling of our flame. Actually, it was more of an immediate burn out. We went to the park at lunch so as to not let our colleagues know we were talking, and after so many laughs, and multiple times hugging goodbye because 3 hugs just wasn’t enough, I got in my car to return to work, and there she was. The ex. Parked directly beside my car. 

An hour later after she approached his car as I drove away, I got the message. And just like that, our flame was gone.

Perhaps it’s too soon to tell if this story is done or if it’s just begun…. but I wont hold my breath. Regardless, these past 3 weeks were a movie I would rewatch over and over again. It was the perfect chick flick. A feel good movie with a sad ending that you never know whether or not it’s the ending. 

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