Part 1 – The Many Battles #mylife #thetruth #harshreality #nobodyknows

By looking at me, hell, even by talking to me, most people would say my life is pretty normal. Some might even say I’m doing pretty well for myself. I have a great job, my own car, my own house, a beautiful and sweet daughter, my family, a couple close friends, and my cat and dog. I always smile, laugh, apologize, and try my best to be the best I can be. I always seem to have a great disposition and seem very collected and at ease. That’s the thing about perceptions, they can be so deceiving.

#Depression. By definition means having “feelings of severe despondency and dejection”.

#Anxiety. This is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome”.

Try having both. Not to mention the lovely #PTSD. No, I was not in the military. Much to contrary disbelief, that’s not the only way you get it. I also suffer from eating disorders that come and go as they please. And lastly, the famous #OCD. Great combination, eh?

Best part of it all, nobody knows. Except my therapist. Nobody can even tell. Which is both a blessing, and a curse.


51 thoughts on “Part 1 – The Many Battles #mylife #thetruth #harshreality #nobodyknows

  1. That’s a brave thing to share. You shouldn’t face it alone. Even if you tell only on person, you will have someone other than your therapist you can talk to when things get tough. If it was your daughter would you want her to tell you so you could relieve some of the pressure that builds in the mind when you suffer mental illness? Mental health is something that should be spoken about freely. I think you are incredibly brave and also incredibly strong. Reach out to those that love you. You’ll be amazed by how much it helps xx

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  2. It’s Brave and actually very healthy for you to get those things out there and off your chest. A lot of people will write anonymously so they can be more healthy by releasing so much they keep pent-up. You are in my prayers dear! All of our stories are different with some similarities patchworked in.

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  3. I hope it gives you some relief to be able to share your brave story here, you are never alone. I hope that someday you can find the courage to share with the people who love you. You are not fighting an easy battle, I commend you for your strength and conviction and the courage to reach out this way. Big hugs!!

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  4. Hi there 😊 Firstly, I love the name of your blog. And I’m really gripped by this first post and can wait to read the rest.
    It’s very brave of you to share you story. ❤

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  5. You have just started the most important part of healing…you have begun to think of you, hence this blog. Whether you understand it or not at this time, you are beginning to love yourself, reaching that point within where you wish a better life, an understanding of why you are where you are. All from just reaching out, and the better you will feel because of it. You will even look back over your blog as time goes by, and ‘see’ the change because of the strength and courage you have gained from being able to reach out and share your heart. It is in doing that very act that you begin to ‘feel’ the beauty that you truly are inside.
    Trust that, and know that you have begun something that you will never regret. Found something that will give you great strength, and most of all…believe in something that will show you the meaning of life…that self love that is gently waiting inside because it ‘knows’ you have taken that first step.
    Welcome, and thank you for sharing a heart that will help others in their journey also. Finding your unconditional love also helps others, it is a natural side affect of what you are becoming. You are showing a path, full of trips and stumbles…but also full of the discovery of that love within. Namaste

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  6. I know exactly what you are talking about………..others refuse to understand…… And the worst part is that they themselves might be a victim and don’t even realize……well writing has helped me great deal…..hope its of some help to you too……….I won’t pretend to know the solution but…… my experience, meditation felt like a superpower……you could give it a try….. God bless! 🙂

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  7. I understand. I’ve been there myself. My son took that road from which there is no return. I only pray I will see him in heaven one day. I don’t want his children to follow suit, though my family has a history of suicide. The agony of his death has haunted me for years now. Suicide is not the solution. God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit are/is the solution. I had to get out of the way. Jesus is my only hope now, and He gives me a reason for living. Life is difficult (from “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck.) There is no utopia here on earth. Satan is the ruler of this world, but only for a while longer. Sometimes families have to have a scapegoat; but we’re all in the same boat–lost and full of sin. “There is none that doeth good,” as the Bible says. May you have Sabbath peace and rest today and every day. God bless you. Prayers for you. Shabbat Shalom!

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  8. Hey there, I just wanted to say thank you so much for following my blog! I am following you back as well and can’t wait to read yours! I can tell your posts are going to be really heartfelt and personal, and I admire you for sharing your stories. You are absolutely correct- perceptions can be very deceiving, and to a certain extent, I think we all have to put a “mask” on just to make ourselves appear normal. Anyway, hope you have a great day, take care! 🙂

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  9. I agree w you that perception is deceiving. Everyone has their own battles- you are are an inspiration for speaking on these topics that not a lot of ppl wants to talk about.
    Please continue to share your journey…

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  10. I’m so happy you have people here who you can share things with. I know that it’s pretty hard sharing things with people in real life. Me, being a teenager, I really don’t know much about all this but I hope you take care ❤️🌸

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  11. One word for u …Brave…
    Ink helps us to loosen our soul and express our emotions…depression and anxiety might sound like something to be concerned…but let me tell u this…it is not what defines anyone rather it is what makes the forthcoming happiness part more beautifula and worthy…when the whole world might take happy life for granted…u will cherish every moment of its speciality and will relish the beauty of it…
    OCD…i too have that atleast of some level…but that just makes U a perfectionist…believe me u can see thode dimensions which usually people won’t…
    I am so glad seeing that you have the power to see within urself…and share it…
    I must say thanks to you coz many people would be inspired by this post…

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. My life has been gradually getting better just by simply cleaning out my house and eliminating toxic people. I have also brought new people into my life that have shown me new beauty in both myself and life itself.

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